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More info, LLC is an independent abuse handler and Internet security research organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. KnujOn processes abuse data in the form of spam and other security threats to develop a clear picture of problems facing the Internet. KnujOn builds profiles of online criminal groups, evaluates the quality of Registrars and Internet Service Providers, issues WHOIS challenges, documents policy failures, develops policy initiatives, tests compliance mechanisms, issues reports to law enforcement, and educates the public about complex Internet security issues. We see our role as one of assisting the ordinary Internet user in navigating the dense technical bureaucracy of the global network and augmenting public services in the face of rampant illicit electronic traffic. KnujOn provides abuse processing, user advocacy and common-sense policy development free of charge. However, this comes at a great cost to us. Please consider sponsoring us or making a small donation.

ccTLD Abuse - Country Code Domains

What is a Registrar?

Registrars are entities authorized by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sponsor domain names. Sponsorship of a domain name means it can be placed in the Domain Name System and effectively become a website. While there are hundreds of registrars, a monitory are responsible for the bulk of spam, malware and other abusive uses of domains. Some registrars have effective policies for blocking abuse, others tacitly permit it because it is a significant revenue source. ICANN tolerates the abuse at these registrars because domain fees and accreditation fees from spammy registrars provide ICANN with continuous income. Measuring the impact of of certain registrars can be difficult because some registrars have large portfolios which simply make their share of Internet abuse a statical normality, while others cater to illicit Internet activity. The cart to the left of Percents of abused domains by registrar is a raw summary the number of reported sites, but does not tell the whole story. For example, Godaddy has the #2 highest collection of spammed domains (at 12.6%) but they also have the largest portfolio of all the registrars. (More...)
Eonix Corporation (AS30693) vs. ThePlanet (AS21844)
Registrants, or domainers, are people or entities who pay registrars to sponsor domain names. Criminal groups, illicit Internet traffickers, and spammers buy many more domain names than the typical person or company. There are various reasons, including the fact that donmains will often get blacklisted or suspended soon afer being abused. The ease with which domains can be bulk purchsed allows spammers to quickly substitute fresh domains for spam campaigns. The use of multiple domains is also critical to illicit operations using redirection chains, click fraud, malware distribution, and the general need to conceal the ownership and location of criminals. This odd situation actual makes criminals some of the best customers for registrars and ICANN becuase of the volume of domain purchases (More...). In the bar chart these spam domainers are rated in two ways: number of abused domains and number of instances reported.

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KnujOn provides abuse processing, user advocacy and common-sense policy development free of charge. However, this comes at a great cost to us. To show our appreciation we can offer a number of promotional items. We look to our members to assist us with keeping the lights on at KnujOn and fund our critical research.All items shipped by KnujOn, we will not give your information to 3rd parties!

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KnujOn collects data on TLD registries, domain registrars, IP addresses, Internet service providers (ASN/CIDR), nameservers, hosts, abusive domainers, and illicit enties operating on the Internet. We make significant amounts of data public. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us

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