Let Us Fix Your Problems


KnujOn has conducted a number of contracted, collaborative and independent investigations. We have provided assistance to financial institutions, service providers, private companies and law enforcement. Our speciality is finding the unfindable.


KnujOn has trained multiple classes of investigative analysts in a special set of techniques. We have also presented to a variety of professional organizations as well as instructed traditional undergraduate courses.

OnLine Opioids Project

Since 2016 KnujOn has been involved in a series of efforts to address the proliferation of opioids and other illicit substances online. This work has included collaboration with public & private parties through research, investigations, training and policy development.

WHOIS Project

WHOIS is the Internet public record system. Records are key to transparency and accountability but WHOIS has been neglected and attacked. The failure to properly maintain an accurate record set is a massive hidden enabler of cybercrime and abuse. KnujOn worked within ICANN for 10 years to improve the efficiency of WHOIS and the enforcement of record fraud and compliance violations. Download WHOIS Primer PDF. Read More...

Abuse Analysis

Starting in 2003 KnujOn accepted and processed millions of examples email spam and malware through our custom engine. The resulting data was used to address serious policy issues within Internet governance in addition to terminating dangerous websites and shutting down illicit Internet operations.