KnujOn (nûj-ôn)

Categorizing Junk eMail

Usually our eyes glaze over when we look at the enormous pile of spam in our inbox. It all seems like such nonsense, an electronic Tower of Babel that loses any specific meaning in an ocean of noise. However, there a many different kinds of kinds of Junk eMail and understanding the difference and details of each kind helps fight the problem. KnujOn recognizes these various types and has a different process for each one. As a victim of Junk eMail it is important to understand the different threat each one represents and why it is necessary to address these threats head-on. The format of these reports are designed to give you the most useful and actionable information by addressing these questions: What is it? Why is it a problem? How would it affect me? and What can be done? We provide samples, resources and specific cases for each.

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