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Protecting your brands on-line

If you are doing business on-line, your brand is being hijacked. It does not matter what kind of industry you are in, someone, somewhere is targeting your web content, name, trademark, copyright, or your network.

How many ways can you be ripped off on the web?

What can KnujOn do to help?

Join KnujOn and start protecting your band and fight spam at the same time!
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Phishing is Brand Hijacking

What does a financial institution have besides money? A name and a reputation. Unfortunately, many banks have failed to take proactive steps to protect their name and their customers. This has resulted in losses, bad press and government audits. KnujOn tracks phishing and other attempts to defraud consumers and institutions. More on phishing...

Illicit Product Traffic is a Booming Business

The rapid growth of smuggling, counterfeiting, sale of stolen goods in the last 15 years is a shocking and widely ignored problem.

Seal Abuse

Seal and icon abuse are rampant on the Internet and is done with relative impunity. If you have an icon and don't persue criminals misusing it then the value of that icon will decline.

The Path of Fake Goods Sold in Spam

What does it mean to purchase goods sold in spam? Where do the products sold in spam come from? Who profits from merchandise sold in spam? Click here to find out.
How many products are counterfeited?

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