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KnujOn's Garth Bruen and Dr. Robert Bruen are honored to give the keynote addresses at the 2009 MIT Spam Conference on Thursday March 26 and Friday March 27 in Building 34 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA.

This is an open and free event (see registration details). We welcome media, industry, and government to come to this event and join the discussion. This is about searching for new solutions, bring your problems, tell us about your security needs. This conference often attracts brilliant programmers and is an opportunity for top-level recruitment as well.

Beyond the conference we are looking make this an important event to launch in a new direction for Internet security. There will be sessions and meetings outside of the conference schedule. Check this page or contact us directly to stay in the loop or meet with us personally.

Thursday March 26, 2009

9:30 a.m.breakfast
10:00 a.m.chair openingKathy Liszka / Bill YerazunisWelcome and Administrivia
10:15 a.m.keynoteRobert BruenKeynote: ICANN Policy Enforcement
10:45 a.m.keynoteGarth BruenKeynote: The Future of Anti-Spam: A Blueprint for New Internet Abuse Tools
11:15 a.m.paperAdrian McElligottEmail Permission Keys
11:45 a.m.lunch
1:00 p.m.keynote
1:30 p.m.paperClaudiu MusatSpam Clustering Using Wave Oriented K Means
2:00 p.m.paperSebastian Holst"Account-free” Email Services to Combat Phishing, Brand Infringement, and Other Online Threats
2:30 p.m.break
2:45 p.m.paperNathan FriessA Kosher Source of Ham
3:15 p.m.paperDidier ColinA Selective Learning Model For Spam Filtering
3:45 p.m.presentationRudi VansnickIs Spam in Europe easier to handle ?
6:00 p.m.receptionCourtesy of ComCast

Friday March 27, 2009

9:00 a.m.breakfast
9:30 a.m.paperTim MartinPhishing for Answers: Exploring the Factors that Influence a Participant's Ability to Correctly Identify Email
10:00 a.m.paperReza RajabiunIPv6 and Spam
10:30 a.m.break
10:45 a.m.workshopAdrian McElligottHow to integrate Email Permission Keys in to an existing Spam Filter in 5 easy steps
11:15 a.m.paperHenry SternThe Rise and Fall of Reactor Mailer
11:45 a.m.lunch
1:00 p.m.presentationAndra Miloiu CostinaDo humans beat computers at pattern recognition?
1:30 p.m.paperCesar FernandesAn Economic Approach to Reduce Commercial Spam
2:00 p.m.break
2:15 p.m.paperAlexandru CatalinPhishing 101
2:45 p.m.paperAreej Al-BatainehDetection and Prevention Methods of Botnet-generated Spam
3:15 p.m.wrap upall participants

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