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Yup, that's right. We want your junk mail. Send it all to (for non-registered submissions, please read terms of use). Registered users receive a custom address and progress reports. Become a member
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Send Stock Junk to (CC'd to SEC). More on stock junk.
Send Prescription Drug Junk to (CC'd to FDA, others). More on Rx junk.
Send Phishing attempts to (CC'd to APWG, others). More on Phishing.
Send Deposit Scams to (CC'd to USSS, others). More on Deposit Scams.
Send Software Piracy to (CC'd to MS, Adobe, others). More on Software Piracy.
Send Counterfeit products to More on Counterfeit products.
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Spam Reporting Utilities - These are plug-in add-ons for your email client and all free

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General Forwarding

  • Full headers are not necessary, but if you have already expanded them in your client that is fine. More
  • It is not necessary to include any comments or explanations with the junk mail. It is unlikely they will be read. Send any correspondence or comments to
  • Avoid using "receipt required" flags or other delivery certificates as it may delay the processing of your email.
  • KnujOn will attempt to contact ISPs when users are blocked from forwarding email, but we have little or no control over the outcome. If they say "no" there is nothing more we can do.

File Upload

Choose a File:

Enter your KnujOn Id:
(The name of your report file: XX#### - Nonregistered members use "nonreg")

Files are time-stamped so you may upload more than one per day with the same name.

This is best if the files are compressed as zip, tar, rar, pst, or some other bulk format. You do not need to zip the file if it is already bulk unless you are compressing for size.

Avoid using ' \ / " in the file names

Files with viruses will usually not be processed. Sometimes if a zip file contains a virus file we can still process the rest, but not always.

We have been unable to process certain types of .7z files, this may be a temporary problem.

More information on zips

Image-Only File Upload

Choose a File:

Enter your KnujOn Id: (Optional)
Website featured: ( url only, no "http://" - slashes cause upload errors.

Files are time-stamped so you may upload more than one per day with the same name.

Sneakernet via Postal Mail

Knujon LLC
288 Washington Street Ste 336
Brookline MA 02445-6850 U.S.A. In Webmail
  1. Open an email message
  2. Click the Forward button -OR-
    Click the options down arrow button next to Forward and select As Attachment
  3. Put "" in the To: line and send
  4. Specific instructions for Yahoo or Gmail
In GUI Clients Like Outlook
  1. Right-click an email and select Forward -OR-
    Open the email and click the Forward button -OR-
    Open a blank message, then drag and drop multiple messages into the message portion of the email -OR-
    Select multiple messages in the view pane using the Shift key, right-click the selection and click Forward items
  2. Put ""(or your personal KnujOn address) in the To: line and send

As an attachment

If you are using a GUI desktop mail client it is easier for you and us to send multiple emails in a single message. In many desktop mail clients it is possible to drag and drop several emails at a time and forward them all to You may send a dozen or more emails at once, but note that most email servers will have a size limit of 5 megs. You may also send them as zip files.


MS Outlook

There are several ways to automate or simplify reporting from Outlook. The following manual export to a .PST file and then bulk forwarding is the most straightforward.

Export Spam to a .PST and forward the .PST to Knujon
  1. Create a "junk", "spam" or "knujon" folder to dump all the bad email into and keep it appart from regular email
  2. Go to File, Import and Export...
  3. Select Export to File from the options box and Next >
  4. Select Personal Folder File (.pst) from the options box and Next >
  5. Select the folder where you keep your spam and Next >
  6. Create a new name for your .PST file, if you are a knujon member, use your knujon ID and the date as a name
  7. Exporting may take a while depending on how many emails are in the folder
  8. Once the process completes you may email or upload the file to KnujOn

Using a Macro and Creating a Custom Button
It is important to note that many network administrators block Outlook macros because of viruses. For the same reason, many versions of outlook cannot be access with scripting. If you are not comfortable with using macros or scripts, use the above .PST method.

Create a VBA Macro to Forward Spam to Knujon
  1. Create a "junk", "spam" or "knujon" folder to dump all the bad email into and keep it appart from regular email
  2. Go Tools, Macro, Macros...
  3. Create a name for the macro "KnujonReporting"
  4. A VB project window will open with a blank VBScript subroutine with the name entered in the last step.

    Cut and paste this script into the edit window between the "Sub KnujonReporting()" and "End Sub" lines
                                                    Sub KnujonReporting()
                                                    On Error GoTo KProc_err
                                                    Dim ns As NameSpace
                                                    Dim InBox As MAPIFolder
                                                    '"junk" is used as an example, use
                                                    'any name you want as long as the folder name
                                                    'matches the subfolder name below
                                                    subFolder = "junk"
                                                    Dim Item As Object
                                                    Dim Atmt As Attachment
                                                    Dim myForward As Object
                                                    Dim i As Integer
                                                    Set ns = GetNamespace("MAPI")
                                                    Set InBox = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
                                                    Set subFolder = InBox.Folders(subFolder)
                                                    i = 0
                                                    'The "myForward.To" value used here is the open address
                                                    'if you are a knujon member be sure to change this with
                                                    'your personal reporting address
                                                    If subFolder.Items.Count > 0 Then
                                                    For Each Item In subFolder.Items
                                                    Set myForward = Item.Forward
                                                    myForward.To = ""
                                                    i = i + 1
                                                    Next Item
                                                    End If
                                                    Set Atmt = Nothing
                                                    Set Item = Nothing
                                                    Set ns = Nothing
                                                    Set myForward = Nothing
                                                    Exit Sub
                                                    MsgBox "Error: " & Err.Description
                                                    End Sub

    Be sure to set subFolder to "junk" (or the name of your junk folder), and myForward.To to your personal address if you are a member.
  5. Be sure to save the macro (File, Save). Then close the VB edit interface
  6. To create a custom toolbar button for this macro go to Tools, Customize...
  7. In the Toolbars tab click New... and create a Knujon Reporting toolbar.
  8. In the Commands tab select Macros and drag the Knujon macro to the new blank toolbar
  9. Use the button whenever you want

Advanced Outlook Macro (Submitted by KnujOn Member!)
This updated macro works like a charm with Outlook 2007. It differs from the one posted above as follows:
  • forwards spam from Outlook's default "Junk E-mail" folder instead of an Inbox subfolder
  • only forwards messages marked as unread (to avoid sending dupes)
  • marks messages as read after forwarding
                                                Sub KnujonReporting()
                                                On Error GoTo KProc_err
                                                Dim ns As NameSpace
                                                Dim JunkEmail As MAPIFolder
                                                Dim Item As Object
                                                Dim Atmt As Attachment
                                                Dim myForward As Object
                                                Dim i As Integer
                                                Set ns = GetNamespace("MAPI")
                                                Set JunkEmail = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderJunk)
                                                i = 0
                                                'The "myForward.To" value used here is the open address
                                                'if you are a knujon member be sure to change this with
                                                'your personal reporting address
                                                If JunkEmail.Items.Count > 0 Then
                                                For Each Item In JunkEmail.Items
                                                If Item.UnRead = True Then
                                                Set myForward = Item.Forward
                                                myForward.To = ""
                                                Item.UnRead = False
                                                i = i + 1
                                                End If
                                                Next Item
                                                End If
                                                Set Atmt = Nothing
                                                Set Item = Nothing
                                                Set ns = Nothing
                                                Set myForward = Nothing
                                                Exit Sub
                                                MsgBox "Error: " & Err.Description
                                                End Sub


SecondWheel has been gracious enough to provide a modified ThunderBird Extension for Knujon reporting. Thunderbird is a mozilla email client. SecondWheel offers tips for using Thunderbird at his site. SecondWheel has added a number of options.

Thunderbird is a free GUI email client that can be downloaded here.
Thunderbird Add-ons
Thunderbird Help

Transform Your PC Into a Spam Reporting Machine (

Thunderbird extension that Forwards all emails marked Junk (as attachments) to (

Thunderbird Add-ons
Show Address: has an extension that reveals the sender address rather than some named value the spammer would rather you see. Information/Beschreibung, Download.

Extension Mirrors;O=A

Apple Mail

Apple Mail may be configured through applescripts to automate junk mail reporting to Knujon or another reporting system. The following was provided by a Knujon member:
The following AppleScript script forwards such spam to KnujOn's spam reporting address. It includes all headers so that the spam can be traced to its actual source, rather than the apparent source (much spam is forged to appear to originate from a location other than its real source).
                    (* Cf. *)
                    (* RS 31st July 2006 *)
                    set theSpamAuthority to "KnujOn "
                    (* or your personal Knujon address *)
                    tell application "Mail"
                    set theMessages to the selection
                    repeat with thisMessage in theMessages
                    set newMessage to make new outgoing message at end of outgoing messages
                    tell newMessage
                    set visible to true (* comment out whole line to stop 'blinking' windows *)
                    set content to thisMessage's source
                    set subject to "Fwd: " & thisMessage's subject
                    make new to recipient with properties {address:theSpamAuthority}
                    end tell
                    send newMessage
                    set read status of thisMessage to true
                    set was forwarded of thisMessage to true
                    set junk mail status of thisMessage to true
                    end repeat
                    end tell
Preparing the script

Open "/Applications/AppleScript/Script" and paste the above code. Save it as "/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Report Spam to KnujOn.scpt". To use the script you'll need to enable the Scripts menu in "/Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript".

Using the script
When you receive spam, simply select all the messages, choose the script from the Script menu, and the messages will be forwarded to KnujOn. You can then safely delete the messages.

Why a script?

You could simply select all the messages and forward them to KnujOn's address, but that bundles all messages together in one mail as attachments. Using this script, each message is kept separate and quoted in full, in plain text.

Above modified from a reporting script example at

Applescript examples
Applescript Sourcebook
Applescript Home
Script Editor
MAC OS Hints

Habu (Updated: 01.25.09)

This is an extension is for the Thunderbird mail client. You can download the extension below. It is meant to help report spam and illicit e-mails properly, quickly and to the right places. It will also help those that may not be as technical savy as some, and don't understand how to give an admin the needed header information. Please note this program will NOT stop spam. This is meant solely to report spam to companies and law enforcement so they can prosecute spammers. Reporting does help cut back spam for everyone, but it will take time. (
Thunderbird Add-ons Habu

Old Info
OkopipiThe Okopipi plug-in for KnujOn has been renamed "Habu". OR News For use with Thunderbird, this extension may be used to report to Knujon as well as other reporting services: Okopipi 1.8.5. More information.

gloomytrousers Spam reporter

"Takes a mailbox or other file full of junk e-mails, and sends them to spam reporting services such as SpamCop, KnujOn, various phishing reporting addresses (e.g. Bank Safe Online) if appropriate (based on content), or any other service that accepts spam reports by e-mail. Comes pre-configured with a number of reporting services which can be used out-of-the-box. Inspired by similar scripts on SpamCop, but much more flexible and supporting a wider range of services."

More Information and Download


  1. Open an email message
  2. Click the Forward button -OR-
    Click the options down arrow button next to Forward and select As Attachment
  3. Put "" in the To: line and send

It is possible to download, zip and forward yahoo mail without opening any of it. This is a somewhat tedious process but reduces the exposure to viruses and pop-ups.
  1. In the Yahoo Inbox or Bulk folder(the message index not an open message) right-click the message link (usually under "Subject")
  2. Select "Save target as..."
  3. Save it as a .html file or a .txt(txt is more secure)
  4. zip the files and email or upload them to Knujon
  5. Delete all the files after submitting!
We realize this can be just as cumbersome as forwarding yahoo email one-at-a-time but this the bypasses running of asp or other scripts that may occur by opening junk email. This will also remove any issues surrounding the possibility of pornographic material being displayed on your monitor.

Update: 05.29.07
YahooPops Also submitted by Knujon member, YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. This application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o≠ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo! One Knujon user has recomended this as a better solution than Mr. Postman since turning SpamGuard off and then using the Mr. Postman downloads legitimate email in addition to spam. YahooPops can be used to download ONLY the "Bulk Mail" folder by configuring the software under its "Download Folders" option, to only download mail from the System Folders: Bulk Mail. (Tips provided by a Knujon member)

Mr. Postman Thanks to a KnujOn member we have information on Mr. Postman which allows webmail to be accessed with Outlook. Mr Postman retrieves Yahoo mail (among others) and sends it to the Outlook Inbox where you can apply filters and have messages automatically forwarded to Knujon, for example. This works with the free version of Yahoo (but not the "beta" version). The program runs as a background process and whenever you do a send/receive, Outlook polls Mr Postman and Mr. Postman in turn goes to the yahoo site and pulls down your mail for you which eliminates the need to go there at all. I turned SPAM Guard (yeah, right) off so all messages go to the inbox now and have not had to actually log into the Yahoo site for quite some time using this. There were some problems with the original Yahoo script that Mr. Postman uses and although I believe the download has been updated, you may need to go to the help sections where you will find discussions and links to the downloads you need.


Thanks to Triade Systems there is now a Python based script that will help gmail users report to KnujOn.

Download Script (
Google discussion group that focuses on Knujon and Gmail (

Instructions (
What is Python? (
Python (

New! GMAIL IMAP Advanced Options
One thing Google has really done a good job of is implementing a few unique features into Gmail that other mainstream email services donít offer. To give you an example, IMAP support. Of course some services do offer it, but many, especially those that are free, do not. Not only does Google offer IMAP support for free, they recently ìTurbo Chargedî it and have gone above and beyond what many ever expected them to do when they requested such a feature. To access these advanced IMAP features, youíll first have to enable ìAdvanced IMAP Controlsî from the Labs section in Gmail. This is the same place you may have gone to enable those Google Goggles we talked about the other day. Once it is enabled, youíll be able to go to your settings and configure everything the way you would like it to be. (

From the team that brought you Mail Goggles, here comes...Advanced IMAP Controls, a Labs feature that lets you fine-tune your Gmail IMAP experience. You can choose which labels to sync in IMAP -- useful if you find your mail client choking on a big [Gmail]/All Mail folder. After enabling this Lab, just go to the Labels tab under Settings. You'll see a new 'Show in IMAP' checkbox next to each of your labels. Uncheck the box and the corresponding folder will disappear from IMAP. (


Fine Tuning K9 Filters

Martin Heller has some great tips and instructions for K9 and server rules for reporting junk mail.

What we can do to stop cybercriminals(


VIA SpamCop Method(Updated: 02.21.07)
This version may be easier.
If you are using MailWasher and SpamCop, try these instructions:
  1. On, click on the "Preferences" tab.
  2. Click on the "Report Handling Options".
  3. The second option will be "Personal copies of outgoing reports". Enter (or the registered user address) into this field.
  4. Click "Save Preferences" at the bottom of the page.
  5. From now on, whenever confirming a report in SpamCop, the reporting address you entered will automatically be included in the list of recipients to receive a copy of the report.

Previous instructions VIA SpamCop Method
  1. On, click on the "Preferences" tab.
  2. Click on the "Report Handling Options".
  3. The third option will be "Public standard report recipients". Enter the registered user address) into this field.
  4. Click "Save Preferences" at the bottom of the page.
From now on, whenever confirming a report in SpamCop, one of the checkboxes for recipients of reports will be Knujon. You will need to manually check this box for each spam you're sending reports for.

Registry Patch Method
MailWasher has provided a registry patch that will allow MailWasher users to enter any email address into the SpamCop reporting tool within MailWasher.

  1. Download the patch (or as a zip)
  2. Make sure MailWasher is closed
  3. Double-click the patch (spamcop_knujon.reg)
  4. Answer "Yes" to the prompt about modifying the registry
What will this do? This will add a key to the windows registry as it applies to MailWasher. The key is as follows:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FireTrust\MailWasher Pro\Prefs]
"SpamCop Override"="true"
With this patch you will not be able to report to both SpamCop and Knujon. We are not trying to steal SpamCop's thunder, we would prefer it if you junk could be reported to both and this may change in the future.
Registry Guide
Registry Editor overview
Introduction to .Reg Files

Zipped Files

You may send all your junk mail in one zipped file. If you have many junk emails, it is not necessary to send them to us one at a time! In a desktop email client you may drag all your emails to a folder and compress them using a program like Winzip. Send the zipped file to OR upload it. Zip files over 5 megs may be rejected by your mail server.

Winzip may be downloaded free here.

Remember to set the "binary" option when automating FTP, otherwise files may become corrupt in transfer.


Download Eudora
Multiple attachments


entourage2004 For Mac
Junk mail filter
Tips and Tricks
General Instructions
Export email from Outlook to Entourage


We have some memebers using boxbe and our reports are getting rejected. We have no other way to contact you! Whitelist us or use an alternate email.

ISP Filters

You may need to turn off your ISP's spam filters in order to forward us junk mail. Some members who use Domain Direct and other services have noted this. Please consult the specific ISP instructions for this.


EarthLink WebMail
From a Blackberry

Registered Members vs. Non-Registered

Anyone may submit junk to KnujOn, but registered members receive progress reports and special attention. The service is inexpensive and registration is easy. We have also provided special addresses for specific types of junk mail like stock, prescription drugs, etc. As a registered member you are free to submit to these addresses, they are reported but they are not "credited" to your account.
More Information About Headers

We do not look at headers or trace IP origin on a large scale, but in select cases. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are fully aware that services like SpamCop are already doing this job and doing it well. We encourage everyone to use many services to fight this problem on multiple levels. In the future we may work with other services to provide 100% protection. However, for the moment we are focused on our own model which is not so much on the junk mail traffic (ISP abuse, botnets, zombies) but more on the fraud and illegal activity going on behind the scenes. Reduction in junk mail is a byproduct of that effort. This is not to say we are not concerned with botnets and zombies, we are and as time permits we research that as well. So, if KnujOn users send full headers along, we use them. But we are not requesting or requiring that people do send the headers.

Terms of Use for forwarding email. KnujOn assumes that all email forwarded is true Unsolicited Commercial Email(UCE) and/or Unsolicited Bulk Email(UBE), junk e-mail, and "spam" and accepts it in good faith. Newsletters and commercial notices that you have signed up for are not UCE/UBE and it is your responsibility to unsubscribe from them before forwarding the email to KnujOn. Email forwarded to KnujOn becomes the property of KnujOn. Any item may be reported to U.S. and International Law Enforcement as well as private fraud investigators, Internet Service Providers, and other anti-spam services. In each case this would be handled with the assumption that you are a victim of spam and not a participant in electronic fraud or Internet crime. KnujOn has no control over how ISPs or email clients handle forwarding of email. Email traffic rejections by ISPs and/or troubleshooting of email client configuration is not the responsibility of KnujOn. While we provide tips and information, this is done as a courtesy. In submitting Email to you agree to the terms above.